Easy Vegetarian Filipino Monggo Guisado Recipe (Mung Bean Stew)


Looking for a vegetarian monggo guisado recipe? Here's my version of the Filipino style mung beans stew!

I’ve been having a huge appetite for Filipino food lately and since it is Spring here in Finland and the weather is still cold, I made one of my favorite heart-warming dishes there is – my vegetarian version of the classic Filipino monggo guisado recipe.

I am not vegetarian but I always enjoyed ginisang munggo without meat all the time and I much prefer it this way. I will, however, share a recipe with meat and one with coconut cream in the future so stay tuned!

This mung bean stew is perhaps one of the dishes I make anywhere I go since mung bean is pretty common in most countries I’ve visited and the rest of the ingredients are so basic you’ll find it everywhere.

I’ve personally made this dish when I was living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and when I was living in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

In fact, I made a vegan version of this once and my dear Kiwi friend Jub liked it! So, win!

Vegetarian Filipino Monggo Guisado Recipe (Sautéed Mung Bean Stew)

Mung bean stew recipe ingredients

What is the traditional Filipino Monggo Guisado?

A traditional monggo guisado recipe is normally made with meat like pork, chicken, or beef but honestly, I’ve had this dish in different variations and versions from Filipino’s who are from different parts of the Philippines. My version of traditional may not be the same from a local hailing from Cebu, for example.

Nevertheless, mung bean stew is great regardless of where and who made it! My personal favorites are the following versions:

  • Munggo guisado with crispy pork rinds
  • Mung bean stew with shrimp
  • Munggo guisado with daing

My ultimate favorite will always be the vegetarian version paired with fried mackerel. Unfortunately, mackerel’s aren’t local around here in the Nordics but I can do without!

Monggo guisado recipe chopped ingredients

How does the ginisang munggo without meat taste like?

Great! I suppose this is more of a personal preference than anything else but truly, if flavored right, your vegetarian mung bean stew would taste bomb.

Mung beans are honestly one of the best ingredients out there for people who are transitioning to a more vegetarian diet or lifestyle as it is high in protein and carbs meaning you’ll feel fuller longer after your meal.

cooked mung bean stew!

How to cook mung beans?

If you haven’t made mung beans stew before, you should always follow these steps before you start cooking:

  1. Soak your beans overnight (or at least 8 hours)
  2. Sautée all of your aromatics until soft, fragrant, and caramelized
  3. Add your soaked mung beans and sautée for a couple of minutes
  4. Add water. Usually, the ratio should be 3:1 – 3dl of water for every 1dl of dried mung beans
  5. Always cook your stew in medium-low heat until the mung beans are soft and cooked (you can tell by pressing a bean between your fingers and if it is not chalky, they are cooked!)
  6. Of course, as for any dishes, season according to your taste

This is the most basic way on how to cook mung beans but of course, depending on what you’re trying to achieve, this can change slightly.

If you’re short in time or forgot to soak your mung beans beforehand, don’t worry! There is a way but the results won’t be as spectacular, but this method works nevertheless.

  • Boil 1L of water and add few pinches of salt
  • Add 2dl of mung beans and lower the heat to medium-low
  • Continue cooking on simmer for about 1-1.5 hours or until the mung beans are soft and cooked
  • Note: always make sure that there’s enough water in the pot and stir the bottom of it from time to time to avoid burning!

Alternatively, of course, you cook your mung beans in a pressure cooker or instant pot without soaking. I’ve never cooked mung beans using these methods but I know they work.

How to cook mung beans soup or stew?

So, how to cook this vegetarian monggo guisado? It is honestly super easy!

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Do you want to try a new dish? Why not check out vegan mung bean recipes like this Filipino sauteed mung bean stew also called monggo guisado recipe! Try it now or pin it for later. #cookingforone #30minutemeals #foodrecipes #onepotmeal #stewideas | Vegan dinners | Vegetarian dinners

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mungo guisado mung bean stew recipe-4

Vegetarian Filipino Monggo Guisado Recipe (Mung Bean Stew)

One of my favorite childhood recipes which my Mom used to cooked for the family every week, this is my version of Filipino Monggo Guisado Recipe!
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Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Inactive time: 8 hours
Servings: 2 Portions
Calories per serving: 520kcal


  • 2 dl Dried Mung Beans - Soaked overnight or at least 8 hours
  • 1 tbsp Vegetable Oil
  • 1 pcs Shallot - Minced
  • 2 cloves Garlic - Minced
  • 1 medium Tomato - Diced
  • 1 medium White Potato - Peeled, Diced
  • 1 small Carrot - Peeled, Diced
  • 1 tbsp Light Soy Sauce
  • 1 tbsp Lemon Juice
  • 1/2 cube Bouillon - I used vegetable bouillon cube
  • 1 tsp Garlic - Powder
  • 1/2 tsp Honey - You can use 1 tsp of sugar instead if you want this dish to be Vegan
  • 1 tbsp Fish Sauce - Optional
  • 6 dl Water
  • 1 pinch Black Pepper - Crushed
  • Salt - Adjust accordingly


The night before

  • Soak your mung beans in water (it should be submerged completely)

Cooking preparation

  • Drain the mung beans and set aside
  • Heat the pot on medium heat and add the vegetable oil
  • Sautée the onions and garlic until fragrant
  • Add the tomatoes and add a pinch of black pepper and sautée for about 3 minutes
  • Add the mung beans, bouillon, potatoes, and carrots in the pot
  • Add water and let it simmer in medium-low heat for about 15-20 minutes or until mung beans and the vegetables are cooked
  • Season to taste


Traditionally, this recipe is cooked with meat and served with fried Mackarel (Galunggong in Filipino) and a serving of steamed white rice.
However, I much prefer the vegetarian version. If you're going to eat this dish with rice, you can get up to three portions out of this recipe but as soup, the portion recommendation is two.
MAKE IT VEGAN: Just omit the fish sauce and add a bit more soy sauce or salt and substitute sugar instead of honey (or skip both ingredients, it is totally fine)!


Serving: 1Serving | Calories: 520kcal | Carbohydrates: 87g | Protein: 28g | Fat: 9g | Sodium: 1436mg | Fiber: 20g | Sugar: 12g | Iron: 8mg

CourseMain Course
DietGluten Free, Low Calorie, Low Lactose, Vegan, Vegetarian
Keywordcooking with mung beans, monggo guisado, mung bean recipes, mung bean stew, sauteed mung beans
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Do you want to try a new dish? Why not check out vegan mung bean recipes like this Filipino sauteed mung bean stew also called monggo guisado recipe! Try it now or pin it for later. #cookingforone #30minutemeals #foodrecipes #onepotmeal #stewideas | Vegan dinners | Vegetarian dinners

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