Welcome to The Kitchen Abroad, where cooking for one made easy.

The aim is straightforward: budget-friendly, easy dinners, comfort food, and recipes that fit busy people who do not want to cook in big batches at a time; hence the tagline “cooking for one” comes to life. And yes, all recipes found here will give you one to two portions (or can easily be modified to fit your serving needs).

The goal of the recipes:

  • Minimal and in-season ingredients (so this may vary depending on which country I’m currently living in)
  • Filling portions (700cal or less per portion)
  • Clean ingredients
  • Most recipes are ready in 30-minutes or less!

My recipes are for…

  • Busy individuals like yourself who want a budget-friendly comfort foods
  • Bachelors and bachelorettes who live alone and don’t want to cook in big batches
  • People who can’t eat the same meals twice in a day (or more)
  • Fellow full-time digital nomads who are tired of eating out and would like to cook in!

All eaters are welcome!

I personally eat from all food groups and my recipes reflect exactly that. I cater to all diets and restrictions, as well! So, watch out for those labels as I properly tag my recipes accordingly.

About evan Kristine

Classically trained Nordic chef turned digital nomad

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Born in the Philippines and moved to Finland at a very young age, food has been a big part of my life growing up which lead me to become a professial chef for almost a decade.

However, my love for travel made me look for alternative ways to earn a living while traveling full-time.

This brings us to 2018 when I quit and sold everything, downsized to a 15kg luggage, and set off a goal to work and live in different cities around the world months at a time.

I also officially became a digital nomad and earn a full living as an SEO content strategist for my own websites.

Nowadays, I’m juggling running my travel sites and creating recipes for The Kitchen Abroad while enjoying the freedom of working from home.

My aim with this food blog is to inspire people to dive into home cooking with passion in hopes for it to be a thereputic journey to a more flavorful life.

I’m here to share these epic kitchen adventures with you from around the world bringing in realistically easy but absolutely delicious comfort food recipes that are not only healthy but also a tease to your tongue.

Are you ready? Let’s get this journey started! And it starts with one dish.

📍Currently in: Vaasa, Finland

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